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Chapter 0 | Introduction

Smart companies constantly review and adjust their portfolio of businesses to thrive in today’s fast-moving world.  Driving active, efficient, and transparent corporate development, particularly M&A, has become a core institutional competency.  However, many acquirers are running their M&A process today the same way they did in 1999, with fragmented processes, siloed apprenticeship culture, and individual productivity tools.  To build the M&A engine needed in 2018 – Smart M&A – acquirers need to rethink their culture, processes, and enabling technologies.

Just as with many areas of modern-day life being enhanced by technology – think of the transition from regular cell-phones to Smart Phones, CDs/DVDs to Digital Streaming and the advent of Smart Home Connectivity etc. – technology is enhancing the M&A process and set to become the new normal.

For decades, many organizations have run their M&A process in the same way – by piecing together a number of non-dedicated tools – such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoints and paper files and re-invented the wheel for each deal. While this “Analogue” approach gets the job done it’s very 1999 and not conducive to M&A becoming a core competency. However, hundreds of leading organizations – such as Philips, HP, Nokia, Verizon and Daimler – are discovering the new way to approach M&A – this way of working is called Smart M&A.

Smart M&A is characterized by an improved way of working – via Culture, Processes and Technology.

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Midaxo Trifecta Diagram

Culture is about adopting the right discipline across every deal. Processes are about defining standardized ways of working. Technology is about leveraging digital tools to run a more efficient deal process – specifically a Smart M&A Platform.

Ready to get started? Read Midaxo’s Ultimate Guide to Smart M&A and learn everything there is to know about running a modern M&A process across Culture, Processes and Technology.