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Chapter 3 | Technology

“The true victors in M&A will be those who apply digital technologies to their own processes, giving them a competitive advantage from strategy to playbook, for both digital and traditional deals. Digital is the only tool at their disposal that can deliver within the accelerated timeframe today’s rapid business pace demands.”
~ Accenture

The traditional approach to running the M&A process is destined for the archives of a museum – think piecing together a number of non-dedicated tools – such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoints and paper files and re-inventing the wheel for each deal. In today’s world of deal making, technology is enhancing the M&A process and set to become the new normal. Already, hundreds of world-leading organizations – such as Philips, HP, Nokia, Verizon and Daimler – are waving goodbye to the Analogue way of working and embracing digital tools as a way to revolutionize their M&A process – a Smart M&A Platform.

Smart M&A is characterized by an improved way of working, enabled by technology – specifically a Smart M&A Platform. With a Smart M&A Platform information becomes centralized and deal management becomes easier. Goals, intent, decisions, issues and risks are better communicated. Deal teams work collaboratively and in real-time. Information and best practices are shared with ease. Relevant information is easily found anytime, anywhere. Advanced dashboards and analytics empower teams to spend less time reporting and more time working on the things that matter most.

A Smart M&A Platform does not require in-house experts or an intensive training period. While there will, of course, be a learning curve associated with making the transition from an Analogue way of working to Digital, the intuitiveness of a Smart M&A Platform means a deal team can automate and digitize their M&A process from the get-go.

The benefits of using Technology to drive the M&A processes are numerous and include:

  • Real-time Working;
  • Single Source of Truth;
  • Velocity of Information Flow;
  • Value Creation through Operational Efficiency – e.g. placing less reliance on manual tasks and low-value add work – therefore shifting the emphasis to strategic & value add areas of a deal;
  • Increased speed of deal execution;
  • Increased accuracy and reliance of information;
  • Greater insight into the deal lifecycle – e.g. noticing nuances of a deal which may go unnoticed under the Analogue way of working;
  • Faster and more informed decision making;
  • Improved collaboration.

The engine of a Smart M&A Platform works to provide:

Technology Diagram Technology Diagram