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Chapter 3.3 | Collaboration & Document Management

M&A projects typically generate 1000s of working documents – such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint files, system downloads (e.g. receivables ledger of the target), emails and notes, etc. With the speed at which a deal team must work managing documents in the secure, structured and easily accessible way provided by a Smart M&A Platform is essential.

The Analogue approach to M&A is characterized by a number of problems when it comes to collaborative working and document management – these include:

A Smart M&A Platform empowers a deal team to work collaboratively and manage documents in a real-time dedicated deal environment. Documents can be saved within specific projects and even saved within specific tasks – for instance, a download of a target’s receivables ledger could be saved within a task around reviewing the ageing of receivables balances and checking for reasonableness. Taking document management a step further, a Smart M&A Platform generates a unique email address for each task in a checklist – therefore meaning that a target can email requested information directly to a task set up by the acquiring organization within the Platform. This approach removes the need to project manage from the email inbox and enables a deal team to spend more time focusing on the important areas of a deal.

A Smart M&A Platform offers the following document management functionality:

  • Easy file upload;
  • Watermark documents;
  • View an audit trail – showing who has viewed a document and when;
  • Assign permissions to prevent certain users from accessing certain documents (e.g. confidential payroll information);
  • Organize documents logically – such as in accordance with the structure of a due diligence or integration checklist;
  • Edit documents with the Platform via Office Integration;
  • Real-time working – providing deal teams with the assurance that they are working from the latest version of a document.