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Chapter 3.4 | Project Management

The “Analogue” approach to project managing M&A is associated with a number of problems – including:

  • No centralized source of truth/reference but rather, a lot of information sharing that relies on phone conversations, emails, hallway conversations, and insecurely shared files; 
  • Lack of a systematic approach that is continuously improving and includes processes to prevent costly mistakes;
  • Work is hard to delegate – team members can create bottlenecks rather than adding value.

A Smart M&A platform provides an end-to-end solution to project managing deals and related corporate development projects – enabling a team to significantly reduce the heavy admin burden typically associated with M&A and drive efficiency across a deal.

The benefits of using a Smart M&A Platform to project manage a deal are numerous and include the following:

Guides the Deal 

  • Clearly shows all current deals and their stages across the deal lifecycle;
  • Delivers the right information to the right people at the right time;
  • Combines the simplicity of working from a checklist, the flexibility of project management tools and the repeatability of business process management tools;
  • Provides teams with a clear assignment of tasks, responsibilities, due dates and dependencies – in real-time.

Track Task Progress & Issue Resolution in Real-time

  • Tasks can be organized in a customizable hierarchy with the status easily updated e.g.  Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Ignored, Delayed, Flagged, etc. 

Storage of Deal Documents

  • Provides a centralized solution to storing documents, communications, and other records typically stored in different systems – e.g. deal data/notes/documents can be linked to a specific deal and even a specific task line item within a deal. 

Run Meetings More Efficiently

  • Use advanced dashboard functionality to prepare for meetings with a few clicks and help participants visualize a deal. For instance, filter for deals at a certain stage (e.g. all targets in due diligence) or for target based on certain metrics/data points (such as geography, revenue or valuation, etc.);
  • Export real-time customized dashboards to PowerPoint;
  • View a real-time Issues Log within the Platform or export to Excel with one click for further customization.