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Chapter 3.9.1 |The Benefits of Using Technology in M&A

Real-time Working

The level of technology at disposal today means that no modern organization can afford to work with outdated systems – in doing so an organization is automatically putting itself at a disadvantage, risks losing out to competitors or even risks becoming obsolete in the marketplace.

The benefits of working in Real-time across a deal are numerous:

Improved Deal Management & Decision Making 

When deal teams have real-time information available at their fingertips they can respond with greater speed and accuracy to issues encountered across the deal lifecycle and make immediate decisions as to how to proceed. For example, the Issues Log within a Smart M&A Platform is a live repository of all issues logged on a deal (such as across the due diligence phase) – this can be filtered by level of status (e.g. in progress/complete/flagged/deal breaker), severity (high/medium/low) and criticality (high/medium/low risk or certain issue) and even exported to Excel with one-click for further customization.

Helps Project Managers Check the Pulse of a Deal 

Working in real-time enables team/workstream leads, etc. to check the pulse of a deal at any given moment and therefore see where attention is needed or where improvements need to be made. Task progress can be tracked, delays/bottlenecks can be identified, and all data/documents can be linked to specific tasks.

Improved Project Efficiency 

The world of M&A is fast-paced and high energy. The requirements demanded of deal-team are extremely high and constantly evolving – notably, the ability to quickly share real-time information has become a necessity given the time pressures under which most deal teams work. By optimizing the availability of real-time information deal teams can significantly improve deal efficiency such as by reducing the need to share paper documents, send emails and collate information from multiple sources/tools. In the absence of real-time working it is very easy for members of a deal team to be working with different versions of reality. Utilizing a Smart M&A Platform provides immediate data/information sharing and collaboration capabilities for any deal team looking to improve project efficiency and ensures there is only one version of deal reality.   

Helps Keep Teams Motivated 

When a deal team can see how they are performing and what is expected of them, they can make on-the-spot corrections to better reach desired performance standards. For example, real-time data shows where additional attention is needed across tasks and where requirements are/are not being met.