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Chapter 3.9.4 |The Benefits of Using Technology in M&A

Value Creation Through Operational Efficiency

Taking a Smart Approach to M&A can create value through operational efficiency gains across a number of areas – for instance, through real-time working, a single source of truth, greater velocity of information flow, increased transparency, automated working and via the standardization of M&A processes, etc. (see previous chapters). 

By generating operational efficiencies, a deal team is able to “move up the value chain” and focus on more important areas of a deal and shift the emphasis to strategy and value creations. For instance, an M&A analyst can spend more time on really getting into the detail of a merger model rather than manually inputting responses to due diligence questions into an Excel tracker document (which to their dismay, will be out-of-date by the end of the day). Similarly, an M&A Lead can focus on leadership, transaction support and ensuring the deal in question makes sense for the acquiring organization, while driving the development and enhancement of M&A methodologies and approaches, etc. – rather than chasing team members for updates on what tasks are outstanding and what issues have been flagged, etc.